An Experience of Intimacy

“Underneath any contrived appearances, we all want to be appreciated and wholeheartedly accepted. That’s exactly what I feel when I look at these images. An experience of intimacy and a wordless connection with others.

“No matter how often I give myself the gift of exploring figurative fine art, I continually find myself surprised by its power. This art form reveals an intrinsic, yet often hidden embodiment of our shared humanity. At a glance these appear to be images of physical bodies, but if we grant them our full attention we see more than just faces, arms, or legs. We see energy, potential, intensity, spirit, capability – we see life itself. 

“Words rarely do justice to what we truly feel or experience. So when the essence of our experience is reflected in art, it’s overwhelmingly beautiful. To have your heart profoundly revealed and moved in this way is rare and it’s thrilling.”

Samantha Olson
Model Society, Editor